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Late & Tardiness

  • We want you to be on time as punctuality matters.

  • If you are a non-member or a class taker, you will still be allowed into a session as long as you within 35 minutes of the start time. Any later, you will be asked to reschedule. 

  • Company performance and Competition members will be allowed a 20-minute grace period for practice sessions; however, continued lateness during team rehearsals and recitals will result in suspension for choreography, upcoming performances, or team.

  •  Members get 10 Lateness pardons per season, and 3 No-show with advance notice by a guardian via email. 

  • More than 1 No call or no show may result in immediate suspension from the team. 

Referral Program

Refer a newcomer for a drop-in session: You will receive $10 off your kids tuition for one month. 

If they sign up for a team regardless of performance or competitive, you will receive:$25 off one month tuition 

2 referrals for team:

$25 off Month 1, $25 off Month 2. Referrals can only be applied once per month. 

Pricing FAQ

How can I pay?

You can make payment via autopay, cash app, or in-person card & cash accepted. 

Can I pay in payments?

Yes, you have until the 20th of each month to satisfy tuition.

What if I have another child?

You qualify for our company membership deal. Sibling discounts are 40% off for Fall & Spring Sessions. This excludes competition fees and uniforms.

 How long is this upcoming season?

Our season length varies, we have Fall, Spring, & Summer.

Any promotions?

Yes, text to inquire and receive your discount code.

Income Based Scholarships

At ACPC we believe that no one should be turned away due to their economic status. That’s why we offer income-based scholarships to those in need. For more information about our scholarships email us.


Class Rules

  1. Proper class attire (see Dress Code section)

  2. Respect for the teacher and fellow students.

  3. Teachers reserve the right to dismiss any student who disrupts the class at any time.

  4. ACPC is not responsible for stolen or lost property. (Label ALL dancewear and shoes with your child’s name)

  5. Cell phones are not permitted in the dance rooms unless they are turned off or in airplane mode.

  6. Apple or Smart watches are not permitted during class.

  7. Please enter the lobby or studio quietly especially if your class or another class is already in session.

  8. Make sure you are changed before your class starts.

  9. Place your name on your water bottles.  Tape will be provided.

  10. Snacks and water will be distributed during break times.  Your break is only 15 minutes.  Make sure you use this time wisely to go to restrooms, eat, drink, snack, and go over routines previously demonstrated.

  11. Feel free to bring your own snacks and personal water bottles.

  12. During instruction time, instructors will spend 10-15 minutes giving feedback and corrections to individuals which will enhance their progression.

  13. Students will be provided with a folder that contains event and class schedules, special classes, and corrections.

  14. No food, drinks (other than water in a self-sealing water bottle), or gum is allowed in the studio.

  15. No hanging, climbing, sitting or leaning on ballet barre(s) and no hanging clothes/bags on the barre(s)

  16. If you must leave early from class, please inform your instructor before class begins and politely dismiss yourself when needed.

  17. No talking during class, unless asking the instructor a question or responding to a question the instructor asked.

  18. Respect your classmates. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  19. If you are injured, inform your instructor before class begins. If you must sit out, bring a notebook and pen to take notes throughout the class. If a dancer chooses to sit due to injury, he/she will not be allowed to return to dancing in class until the doctor clears the dancer to rejoin the class (this is to prevent any further injuries).

  20. Before class is dismissed you will be asked to clean up any props or mess made in the designated areas, disinfect workout equipment or ballet barres and double check to make sure you have all your belongings. Nothing should be left in the studio. 

  21. If absolutely necessary, leave valued items with the On-site manager. Managers stay the duration of classes and practices in order to address concerns, ensure safety, maintain cleanliness of the facility, answer questions, and collect payments. 

  22. Raise your hand to ask questions, and wait to be called on.

  23. Belongings will be stored off the floor during class, preferably in cubbies or tubs when available.

  24. Parents must pick their child up on time! Instructors are not responsible for watching students who are not picked up on time.

  25. Dancers will keep a positive attitude toward their work, peers and instructor.

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