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About ACPC

Welcome to where art and dance come together to inspire, uplift, and transform lives. Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to making a positive impact on youth, communities, seniors, and families through creative expression and community engagement. Join us in our mission to bring the joy of the arts to everyone, regardless of age, background, or ability.


Our Programs

Our commitment to giving back is at the core of our organization. Furthermore, we strive to create meaningful connections and opportunities for all, using the arts as a vehicle for personal growth and community development. Here's how we do it:

  • Empowering Youth: We believe in nurturing the creativity and self-confidence of the next generation. Through our programs, we provide young people with a platform to explore their artistic talents and develop life skills that will serve them well into the future.

  • Enriching Communities: Our organization understands the importance of a strong and connected community. We host events, performances, and workshops that bring people together, promote social cohesion, and celebrate the diversity of our neighborhoods.

  • Supporting Seniors: We recognize the value of art and dance in enhancing the lives of seniors. Our specialized programs help seniors stay active, engaged, and connected thus improving their overall quality of life.

  • Strengthening Families: Family is the cornerstone of society. We offer opportunities for families to bond through creative activities, promoting a sense of togetherness while building strong family units.

Art & Culture Performance Center is more than an organization; it's a movement. We invite you to join us on our journey to harness the power of art and dance to create positive change in the lives of the people we serve. Together, we can inspire, connect, and empower individuals and communities through the transformative force of creativity.

Types of Programs

Youth Creative Expression

Youth Classes in Visual arts, Dance, & Music

These classes are tailored to the interests and needs of young individuals, offering a variety of art and dance forms. Whether it's painting, music literacy, dance, or photography, we provide a safe and encouraging environment for children and teens to explore their creativity. We also offer advancement programs such as performance and competitive teams that youth can join to further expand their talents. This is offered in & after school, summer camp, recreation & community centers, company locations, as well as private lessons. 

Heat Elite

Competitive Youth Dance Team

This is a dynamic and competitive youth dance program that specializes in the captivating and expressive genres of jazz, ballet, and contemporary dance. As a premier platform for young dancers, Heat Elite is dedicated to cultivating talent, fostering artistic & pre-professional excellence, and promoting a passion for dance within the next generation. We provides top-tier training led by experienced instructors and industry professionals. Dancers participate in prestigious competitions, showcasing their skills and artistry on regional and national stages. The program fosters a competitive spirit while nurturing sportsmanship and teamwork. This is offered at our company locations.

Xplosive Dance Elite

Competitive Youth Majorette Team

Get ready to mark your calendars because XDE is set to launch in January 2024! We are gearing up for an exciting journey filled with energy, passion, and the electrifying artistry of majorette dance. Our company thrives on the thrill of competition, where we push boundaries, challenge norms, and leave an indelible mark with our unique blend of majorette flair, hip-pop, and tumbling and acrobatics techniques. Skills such as popping, bucking, splits, and stunts will be taught to help you prepare and master the art. Our choreography is a dynamic blend of styles, including field show, call out, creative, parade, and stands. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or just starting your journey, our programs cater to all skill levels. For experienced dancers, we add fine-tuning and extra pizzazz to elevate your performance. This is offered at our company locations.

ACPC Dance Company

Performance Youth Team

From local showcases to iconic performances like the Nutcracker and high-profile events, our non-competitive performance team, ACPC, is dedicated to displaying the richness of the arts through a variety of dance styles, including but not limited to, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, liturgical, African, contemporary, and more. Our mission goes beyond technical proficiency which aims to elevate the artistry of each dancer by emphasizing their ability to convey emotion and storytelling through movement. We take pride in building connections among our dancers while fostering an environment where teamwork and mutual encouragement flourish. Beyond the dance floor, participants forge lasting friendships, and create a sense of belonging within the ACPC dance family. Every dancer in ACPC has a unique story to tell, and we believe in providing an individual spotlight for each performer. Our program ensures that every dancer, regardless of their individual experience level, has the opportunity to shine and share their love of dance with diverse audiences. This is offered at our company locations.

Senior Arts & Movement

Senior Classes

We offer specialized programs for seniors that include gentle movement classes, painting sessions, and meditation therapy. These classes are designed to keep seniors active, engaged, and connected, promoting their physical and mental health. Our Gentle Movement Classes create a nurturing space for seniors to participate in dance and exercise tailored to enhance flexibility, balance, and overall well-being. Adapted for varying levels of mobility, these classes ensure that everyone can benefit from movement at a comfortable pace. 

Our Painting & Crafts Sessions provide seniors with an opportunity to express their creativity on canvas. Whether they are seasoned artists or picking up a brush for the first time, these sessions offer a supportive environment for self-expression and artistic exploration.

Meditation Therapy is an integral part of our program, offering seniors a serene space to foster mental well-being. Guided by trained professionals, these sessions provide a platform for seniors to engage in mindfulness practices, reducing stress and promoting a sense of inner calm. This is offered at senior centers, retirement homes, and company locations. 

Community Involvment

Open Classes, Events, & Workshops

Community involvement is at the heart of our mission, and we are proud to offer a diverse range of workshops that bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to learn, connect, and thrive. Our community workshops cover a spectrum of engaging activities aimed at fostering creativity, well-being, cultural awareness, and family bonds. Step into the rhythm with our dance workshops, where participants can explore various styles such as ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, salsa, and cultural dances from around the world. Unleash your creativity with our arts and crafts workshops, where participants can learn various artistic techniques such as painting, drawing, and photography.

Prioritizing the well-being of our community, our health and wellness workshops cover topics like nutrition, exercise, mental health, stress management, yoga, and mindfulness. We celebrate diversity by catering to the preferences and backgrounds of our community, creating an inclusive space for everyone to enjoy the art of movement.

Mindful Motion

Adult Classes

Mindful Motion is your exclusive gateway to holistic well-being and self-expression. This adult-only program embraces a diverse range of dance, art, and health and wellness classes, bootcamps, and events, ensuring a well-rounded approach to mindful living. Immerse yourself in the rhythm of life with our eclectic dance classes, covering everything from yoga and acrobatics stretch to couple stretch, dance, heel & chair classes, and the vibrant and rhythmic art of step (gum boot) or step aerobic. From step exercise to unique date nights activities and special mommy and me classes, both indoor and outdoor, there's a class for every mood and style. 

Hot Steppers

Youth Step Team

Stepping is a percussive dance that transforms the entire body into an instrument, creating complex rhythms and sounds through a dynamic mix of footsteps, spoken words, and hand claps. Originating in Africa, this art form has evolved into a vibrant and expressive tradition that we passionately bring to life.Our purpose as Steppers goes beyond the dance floor. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere of unity and diversification through stepping and group creativity. As a team, our primary responsibilities extend to entertainment, community service projects, pride development, leadership skills cultivation, and the fostering of camaraderie among teammates. Through the powerful language of stepping, we aim to bring people together, entertain audiences, and make a positive impact in our community. Performances include Black History Programs, churches, ACPC showcases, halftime shows, competitions, and college campuses. This is offered at our company locations.

Why Join Our Organization

Versatility You Will Love


One-Stop Shop 

Whether you're into dance, art, or health and wellness, our program offers flexibility and variety. Attend a class indoors or enjoy the fresh air with our outdoor sessions. The variety of activities ensures that you can explore different facets of self-expression and well-being in one convenient location.


Holistic Approach

Our programs are crafted with a holistic approach, addressing not just physical fitness but also mental well-being and creative expression. We believe that true well-being involves nurturing the mind, body, and soul, and our one-stop shop provides a complete experience to support your holistic health.



We pride ourselves on creating a welcoming and diverse environment where individuals of all ages and backgrounds can thrive. From date nights and mommy and me classes to youth programs and activities suitable for a wide range of age groups.



Our instructors are experienced and passionate about what they do. They bring expertise and enthusiasm to every class, ensuring a positive and engaging experience for participants. You can trust that you are learning and growing under the guidance of knowledgeable professionals.

Community Programs

Our organization offers a variety of community programs for people of all ages, including dance classes, art workshops, and cultural events.

Volunteer Opportunities

We rely on the support of volunteers to help us carry out our mission. If you're passionate about the arts and want to make a difference in your community, consider volunteering with us.


Your donation helps us continue to provide high-quality arts programming to underserved communities. Visit our website to learn more about how you can support our organization.

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